way too long......

I had to admit it's been a while since my last post hehe...sorry guys,i jz can't find enough determination to take care of this blue forest...

But now i'm back!!!Feels so good to come back..For my friend who is constantly waiting for my resurrection,thanks for your ultimate patience and ofcourse your god-strength support..

I know fairly well that if I still keep my distance from the computer i'm going to loose my close friends soon enough..that is why i had to keep this going, have to put a lot more effort into blogging and keep updated..

Weeeellllll...there's another reason behind all this.Lately I'm pretty moody,and that is exactly when i feel strongly about writing out my feelings..but i keep forgetting the stupid pastword,failed to log in every time i have the urge and need to write...

Now everything dissolve themselves into thin air,partly because i just couldn't care less..bt i kind of like it this way,at least now i won't have to put a fake smile over my face every single time..Major crisis over!!!

Exam is ALWAYS around the corner,feels like im having exam every once a month...i guess by that time im goin to be busy flipping through pages again.But negligence of this endearing blue forest is never going to happened again!!!!!...........( i do hope so.........hehe )


11/5--->JPA & happy dissapointing day

It has been a long long time since i last posted a blogpost.Trying to heal myself from the pain that nearly gave me a heart attack,which is still eating me from within.

Yes,I admit that im still very frustrated about the hard fact that im not getting anything.No scholarship,no matriculation..........nothing.Come on!!I deserved something better than this!!

And then finally........the fateful day has come to check the results of JPA.My hands were shaking and my legs were treeeeeeeeeembling uncontrollably when a friend of mine,purposely send a message for me from kl just to tell me that JPA results are out!Oh the message really 'brighten' up my day........but thank you so much for telling me.After the shocking news i nearly cracked the laptop into half,because i can't get into the stupid website.Than suddenly,i received a call.............

"Hello?Yo i finally get in the web!!Faster give me your ic number i help you check!!!!!!" ............. (obviously too boring and had nothing better to do...)

My larynx make out the 12 digits with some difficulties,and my heart was pumping harder it was suppose to be.

"Yeah,u didn't get it.Same as me wahaha...."She said something about appeal and names of the lucky one but my head was buzzing and i couldn't catch up with her sentences.I replied her with mainly 'oh' , 'ah' , 'mm' and the phone call ended without me saying byebye.

Its weird.A heart broken moment without tears to complete the picture.So i guess JPA stabs me in the heart,but not enough to bring me down.


Interview again!!!


If i get this scholarship,i'll be flying to somewhere far from malaysia and study overseas.
But...(why does good thing always comes with a but? ...ToT...)
after my studies,i'll have to come back(absolutely not whole heartedly...) and work as a MATH TEACHER,teaching those pathetic secondary school!! (at least my school is worse enough to call it pathetic...)

Working with the OMS government department is horrible...teaching in a school under the supervisation of the government is even worst!!!!!I'm not insulting those honourable teachers out there,who take up the responsibility to teach our future leader,but still i hate the idea of becoming a teacher...and certainly could not imagine myself being one.

Maybe some of you might ask why,if i hate being a teacher so much,did i apply the scholarship in the first place???Well,both of my parents are dedicated and responsible teachers,so they think i might inherited their 'teacher' genes in me and maybe later i'll realised being a teacher suits me afterall!!!Come on lah~~~even i myself does not believe that...

The interview consists of four parts,
1. INSAK test. Its like a sahsiah/moral test,useless...
2. Ujian penulisan bahasa ingerris.I can't write factual,oh god...
3. Individual interview.This is the part i fear most.I ruined my jpa interview before because i can't speak fluently due to my brain blockage.Unfortunately,history has the tendency to repeat themselves......
4. group interview.Well,i won't speak unless the interviewer asked me to.No problem...

May GOD bless me so that i won't throw face AGAIN infront of those anti-pig people.


11:50 p.m. 的诱惑......

11:50 p.m.
在被你迷惑的情况下 轻轻的
你开始溶化 湿润了我的双唇
甜得我的心在颤抖 味蕾想自杀
啊 舒服极了!


free rice for everyone!!!

你知道你的知识值多少钱吗?你知道懂得一个英文生字的价值是多少吗?让我来告诉你,你会的一个生字=20 grains 的生米哦!

请各位知识分子不要骂我,我并不是在贬低你们的智慧只值20 grains 的米。但试想想,智慧终于可以被实质的物体来测量了!这不是一件美妙的事吗?哇哈哈开玩笑的啦。其实事实是昨天超无聊,所以就在别人的部落格里四处游荡,结果让我发现一个很有意义的游戏,那就是http://www.freerice.com/...........

所有认为自己英文一级棒的,认为什么英文生字都难不倒自己的朋友......对!就是你,哦不要左望右望......快快去浏览以上的网站,用自己对英文生字的了解去帮助有需要的人!!!游戏规则非常简单,只要你答对一题,那个慈善机构 world food programme 就会捐出20 grains的生米给那些长期缺粮的国家,让那些长期挨饿的人民有餐饱肚。

虽然 grains 是英美制最小的单位,1 grains 只等于0.0648克,20 grains就等于1.296克,但是聚少就能成多,只要每个人去回答一题(不要酱吝啬啦,答多几题不会死的啦...),很快这世上不会再有人需要尝试挨饿的滋味 ,不会再有人死于饥荒...

我昨天已成功捐出1080 grains/70 gram 了,离我一公斤的目标还有一段很远很远的距离...(一公斤的生米=772条问题)...我也明白现在白米的收割量愈来愈少了,可能过几天要等人家来捐米给我们吃...ToT... 不过我们不吃饭可以吃别的东西,那些贫穷国家是什么都没得吃的!!所以帮得就帮,况且这个捐米活动又不用我出钱(这是重点!!),何乐而不为呢?








看了千与千寻,我便开始四处觅寻‘神’其他的著作。我陆陆续续看了〖幽灵公主〖猫的报恩〗,(当时动漫来源不多,只看到这几部 ToT )到后来觉得寻寻觅觅的过程很烦人,所以对宫崎峻的认识就停留在那两部动漫,而那爱着宫崎峻的心也渐渐冷了下来...

过了上千个日子,忽然听到朋友提起他和他最新的作品〖哈尔移动的城堡〗那颗已冷却的心渐渐有了温度。过了不久便上网看了这部动漫,我知道我又再次上瘾了...(哈尔帅到毙!!sophie 超可爱!!)